John Nolan’s exuberant style combines bold outlines with bright exotic colours. His interpretation of various motifs (fish, landscape, flowers, birds, the human figure, trees, still life, the human face) transmits a positive upbeat feeling to his viewers, but not to the exclusion of everything else.

Art can make social or political statements along with many others, but at the moment, for John, his is art for art’s sake, art for enjoyment. The celebration of colour and form preoccupied him from an early age and was nurtured through the encouragement and instruction received from his father, also an artist.

“A passion for colour” by John Nolan was launched at the new Green Gallery in Dundrum Shopping Centre on Sunday January 21st and continues until Saturday February 3rd.

John Nolan - A passion for colour

Artist John Nolan at the exhibition launch.

John Nolan - A passion for colour

John Nolan (Artist), Liam Madden, Miriam Nolan, Dermot O’Grady (Gallery Owner/Director), Rory O’Grady and Phil O’Grady at the exhibition launch.